N O N  L I N E A R  J O U R N E Y 

In 2015 November I was a new mother to my 13 month old Nelly , yet I was still birthing my creatrix  and I saw this beautiful exhibition advertised called “Notion of an Ordinary Yarn” on Facebook and an exciting and innovative public program that accompanied the exhibition. This  exhibition was calling my name and I decided to take a holiday to Noosa and give my self the birthday gift of being present at the exhibition on my birthday, listening to the artist and attending a workshop. This is when I first met Anne Harris an exceptional artist, facilitator and curator. 

Anne let me in to the world of colour, a portal that was opened to me to sense my inner world. She thought me how to extract natural dyes with kitchen scraps and ordinary garden plants. The space she held was so gentle,  inclusive and safe to creatively respond. Six and half years   later I reached out to Anne to ask her to show me the way with researching colour for my arts project Running Rivers. I have always admired Anne’s ability to document the process. One of the important things I witnessed is that Anne had this subtle yet profound way of showing the process behind the work. 

Anne visited me about a fortnight ago here in Beechmont and spent two days with us. We started by going to the back creek and making our intentions known to the waterways. Anne showed me her organized way of documenting pigment and also how to influence colour using different modifiers. When Anne showed me the colour grid my body was so responsive to the infinite possibilities of colour from the just the two plants. Looking forward to learning more from

Anne as I navigate this world of colour as a ritual artist. The unplanned co creation was in her invitation to map my journey and sharing of books about mapping. This has really inspired me to explore place through maps and I am open to see what  is unfolding. 

Most Importantly there was cultural safety , we both had a level of trust and intimacy that I was able to share my cultural perspectives  and listen  to Anne without holding back due to not being judged, reduced, misunderstood or viewed as exotic. We were both able to be our selves without pretense or fitting in, hence there was mutual exchange that filled our cups. I wish for more relationships like this to blossom. 

I wish we had captured more photos of our time together with Anne in them, these are few that Anne remembered to capture. 

Photo Credit  to Anne Harris