Artist statement

My arts practice is about engaging with nature and being in touch with the senses to slow life to an innate, natural and untamed state of being. My studio forms an integral part of my arts practice, using a collapsing open-air set-up that fits in the car and travels with me. This provides an opportunity for me to become a creature of place. As a pilgrim of place, all materials to make my brushes, bush dyes, leaf prints and some ink and paper are found from being there.

I create a visual language to respond to the elemental power that guides, to unite with the inner and outer knowing that animates all of life around us. My marks are my alphabet, made using ink, pastels, watercolours, bush dyes and stitches. These marks are intuitive, lively, visceral and subtle, inspiring viewers to become more sensual and follow the yearning of their subconscious. My work is about allowing this intrinsic intelligence to call on the senses. This work is my prayer, dreaming and offering; it is belonging.